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  • Imported raw materials HDPE & LDPE into storage for epidemic prevention

    In order to prevent the epidemic prevention of plastic bags and other HDPE&LDPE plastic products exported by our company, we ensure that the exported plastic products are free from harmful organisms. Our company carries out the inspection and quarantine of raw materials when they enter the fa...
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  • Louisville Coronavirus: Tablecloth bans disturb restaurant industry

    Kentucky restaurants are preparing to reopen their dining rooms on Friday with a limited capacity, so it is clear that there will be a lack of tablecloths and napkins, the staples of the high-end dining experience. The state’s new requirements for restaurants (one-third...
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  • About the 128th Canton Fair

    Despite the intermittent threats and hostilities facing the United States and Australia, China’s exports are in full swing and helped repair the global supply chain ruptured by the coronavirus. Facts have proved that China’s exports are a strong tower of economic growth, with annual earning...
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