Household garbage bag specification size

Household garbage bag general choose what size

The selection of garbage bag size is not what the manufacturer says the size is what size, but according to the actual use of demand.
When we use garbage bags, we basically use them with garbage cans. When we choose the size of household garbage bags, we can use them according to the size of garbage cans.
As the smallest unit of garbage bags used by household users, the household garbage can is mainly “small” bucket, the volume is generally about 10 liters, and some families with a large population will use 15-30 liters.
The diameter of the bottom of the circular trash can is about 26-37cm, and the circumference of the mouth of the square trash can is about 80-120cm. The height of the trash can is about 25cm-35cm. Note: By default, both shapes are the same height. The matching household garbage bag size has 30*43, 32*52, 34*52, 40*60 and other sizes.
However, the size of these household garbage bags is for reference only! Because, different manufacturers, in the size of the design will be written small differences, especially different hem.
According to the volume of the garbage can, Xiaobian recommends several suitable garbage bags:
32×52 (without hem), 45x50cm, suitable for 8-12 litre trash can.
50x60cm, suitable for trash cans of about 15 liters.
40×60 (excluding hem) cm, suitable for about 20 litre trash can.
48×70 (excluding hem), 60x80cm, suitable for trash cans with a volume of 30 liters and above.
If you want to know how to choose the right trash can for you, you should first determine the size of the trash can you use. Through the size of the trash can, we can also calculate the size of the matching garbage bag. The calculation method is as follows:
The length of the garbage bag is equal to the width (or diameter) of the garbage can mouth divided by 2 plus the height of the garbage can; The width of the garbage bag is equal to the circumference of the mouth of the garbage can divided by 2 (the circumference of the mouth of the circular bucket is equal to the diameter multiplied by 3.14).
Through the above ways, you can basically find a garbage bag suitable for your trash can.
When you don’t know the size of the household garbage can you are using, and you don’t know what kind of garbage bag to choose, you might as well choose the size of the garbage bag that the manufacturer or distributor sells most.
Because the size of household garbage cans is universal, there is more than half of the possibility that the selected size is available.
After all, the household garbage bag is not a precision instrument, a little bigger and smaller, it does not affect the normal use.
If you absolutely need to know the size of your household garbage bag in advance, use a ruler to measure the size of the garbage can you’re using. The manufacturer or distributor will recommend a suitable garbage bag for you based on the size of the bucket.
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Post time: Mar-24-2023