Food-grade household fresh-keeping bag: The secret to keeping food fresh

Custom Plastic Foldable Supermarket Eco Shopping Rolling Food Grocery Shopping Packaging Bag on Roll for Supermarket Shopper

A seemingly simple fresh-keeping bag is not ordinary.It has strong water lock, low temperature resistance can be frozen, high temperature resistance can be heated, strong tensile toughness, convenient storage, anti odor.

One item a bag, lock fresh !

Custom T Shirt Printing Quality Plastic Rolling Shopping Bag

Tight sealing, prevent internal water loss, food does not fall

Certificated Biodegradable Plastic T-Shirt Bags  Grocery Shopping Bags  T-Shirt Carryout Bags

Flat sealing, point break design more convenient to tear

HDPE Plain White Plastic T-Shirt Shopping Bag for Supermarket

Shopping Bag with Handle

Ear-lifting design, easy extraction




Post time: Feb-27-2023