Customized Vest Packaging Bag in Plastic PE T-Shirt Grocery Shopping Carry out Bag

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Goods  description:Customized Vest Packaging Bag in Plastic PE T-Shirt Grocery Shopping Carry out Bag

Large : 21+14x42cm

Medium : 20+10x38cm

Small: 17+8x28cm

Color: Transparent

Material:100% Original HDPE

Packaging : Customized

Feature: Point break vest type, easy to tear and bind, close seal, lock moisture, food clean and fresh. It’s very scalable. Used for wrapping fish, vegetables, fruits, home life kitchen

perforate  design, tear open, convenient and simple

Packaging Bag

T-shirt U-shaped design ,Handle knot more convenient, easy to tie and easy to lift

PE material, can be used safely, used for wrapping fish, vegetables and fruits, etc

U design T-shirt Bag on roll

PE material, can be used at ease

Food Packaging



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The scope of use of vest bags: first, supermarkets and shopping malls are generally divided into three specifications: large, medium and small. There are exquisite printing patterns and words. The LOGO of the national chain stores is required to be consistent, with high quality requirements and environmental protection requirements. Second, community convenience stores, quality requirements are also high, but the number of use is small, but also printed LOGO. Third, farmers’ markets. Vest bags are widely used in People’s Daily life. The most common ones are supermarket shopping bags and bags used in various wholesale purchasing markets.

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